Your Guide To Pain Management at WholeLife Pharmacy & Healthfoods

Pain Management with WholeLife

Have you been dealing with aches, pains, or soreness that just won’t seem to budge no matter what you do? Do you get regular headaches that stick around for days? Does your period take you out every month?

If so, we are here to help get you back on your feet and ready to face the day! From headaches to chronic pain, the pharmacists at WholeLife Pharmacy & Healthfoods are experts when it comes to managing all forms of pain and we are here for you!

What is pain management?

Pain management incorporates strategies or programs which may include the use of pain medication, physical therapy, exercise, and homeopathic remedies. Our Pharmacists are happy to speak with you and help find the right pain management for you.

What type of pain can be managed?

While most pain can be managed with a great program, we’d like to concentrate on specific remedies for pain related to headaches, menstruation, and chronic pain.

Managing Headaches

You could probably ask anyone you know… at some point a headache has come for us all. Headaches can be caused by tension, dehydration, or secondary causes such as allergies, sinuses, exertion, and hormones to name a few. For many, over the counter pain relief like paracetamol and ibuprofen helps keep the pain at bay but occasionally, further management is needed. There are a few things you can do to help ease the pain.*

 Drink plenty of water:   Many headaches are from lack of hydration so fill up your cup with some delicious H2O and see if your headache soon fades away.

 Drink small bits of caffeine:   While too much caffeine could actually cause dehydration and headaches, small amounts of caffeine have been shown to help speed up the effects of pain medication.

 Get a massage:   A massage, physical therapy, or chiropractic therapy can help loosen muscle tightness and tension that could be causing your pain.

 Use hot and cold compresses:   Placing a hot compress near the tense muscles can help to ease tension while the cold compress can help to dull the pain. Our Medi-Pak Hot/Cold Pack is a perfect addition to your tool-kit.

 Come see one of our trained pharmacists:   If you are still experiencing pain, please come and speak with one of our trained pharmacists who would be more than happy to listen to your symptoms and help you on your way to a pain free day.

Managing Menstrual Pain

Menstrual pain occurs during the menstrual cycle where the uterus sheds its lining and is a normal (yet painful) part of menstruation. Pain levels vary from person to person, but there are some things you can do to help ease the pain.

 Over the Counter Pain Relief:   Ibuprofen, Paracetamol and Naproxen have been found to help ease pain related to menstrual cramps. Our pharmacists are more than happy to help pick the right one for you!

 Hot water bottle or compress:   Placing a hot water bottle or compress can help to relax the muscles and dull the pain.

 Exercise:   While the last thing you probably want to do on your period is throw on some yoga pants and get down to the gym, studies have shown that exercise such as Yoga and walking can help with the pain. Some studies have even shown that the more active the person, the less menstrual pain they experience.

Managing Chronic Pain

Chronic pain is pain that persists for more than three months and is often the result of an injury, diabetes, or other conditions both physical and psychological. Chronic pain can be quite debilitating and early diagnosis is crucial. If you have experienced persistent pain, a trip to your GP or WholeLife Pharmacist may be necessary.

Chronic pain management is long term and incorporates expertise from different health specialists. Stop into your local WholeLife today and speak with one of our trained professionals.

How do I find out if I could benefit from pain management?

Give us a call or pop in to your nearest WholeLife Pharmacy to speak to one of our knowledgeable Pharmacists and be on your way to a pain free life! As always, if pain symptoms persist or worsen, a trip to your GP may be in order.

Our WholeLife Pharmacists can also work alongside your GP (or vice versa) to create the perfect pain management plan for you. The program initiated in store is able to be shared with and consulted by your GP so you can have peace of mind in knowing that we’ve got every base covered for you.

Find your nearest WholeLife Pharmacy & Healthfoods here.

*Maas, P. and Mitchell, D.R. (1997). The natural health guide to headache relief : the definitive handbook of natural remedies for treating every kind of headache pain. New York: Pocket Books.

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