Empower yourself with natural health therapies, with the support of our pharmacists and healthcare partners at One Health Clinics.  Together, we’re committed to supporting you on your health journey every step of the way.



Available to download from

+ Receive your natural therapy prescriptions directly from a WholeLife partner prescriber
+ Order your natural medicine from your local WholeLife Pharmacy
+ Track your order & manage your repeat prescriptions


 How it works: 

 Step 1  Download the ‘WholeLife” App.

 Step 2  Create your new account

 Step 3  Choose your WholeLife Pharmacy, go to “More” then “My Profile”

 Step 4  Place an order for your prescriptions

 Step 5  Receive updates as your order is prepared and dispensed by your WholeLife Pharmacy

 Step 6  Collect your order from your WholeLife Pharmacy or have it delivered when it’s ready

Book your follow up consultations and manage your repeat prescriptions all through the WholeLife App.

Please note: The WholeLife app is for eligible patients with an approved prescription and app functionality is restricted until first script is received.


Explore the world of holistic and integrative healthcare with One Health Clinics.

Supporting patients with natural health alternatives for conditions including:
✛  Chronic Pain Management
✛  Sleep Disorders and Insomnia
✛  Stress Management
✛  Mental Health Wellbeing

Have questions? Reach out to the team at One Health Clinics who are here to guide you and support your holistic health needs:
t: 1300 68 91 39
e: hello@onehealthclinics.com.au

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What is the WholeLife app?

The WholeLife app is a new way of managing your natural medicine prescriptions and ordering your medicine from your pharmacy. The WholeLife app will allow you to:

  • Receive and track your natural health prescriptions and repeats all in one place
  • Easily place orders directly with your pharmacy and see when they are ready

How can I register for the WholeLife app?

You can search for “WholeLife” and download for free from your preferred App store. Follow the starter prompts to help you register your new account. Once you have confirmed your new account and logged in, go to “More” from the bottom menu and then “My Profile” to select your local “WholeLife Pharmacy” as your preferred pick up location. While you can download the WholeLife patient app in advance, you won’t have access to the apps full functionality until your new script has been written.

How can I access my prescription?

After your consultation with a WholeLife partner prescriber, you will receive an SMS prompting your to click on a link to download the WholeLife mobile app. Once downloaded, or if you already have the WholeLife app ready to go, you can access your prescriptions under “My Scripts” where you can view your prescription and place your order.

Do I need a smartphone?

You’ll need a smartphone to download and use the WholeLife mobile app. The mobile app will work on any Apple or Android phone less than three years old.

If you don’t have a smartphone, you can still use electronic scripting and we can send your script directly to your preferred WholeLife Pharmacy.

Can I use my current script with the WholeLife app?

If you have a current prescription for your natural medicine you would like to add to your WholeLife app, please visit your local WholeLife Pharmacy and speak with the pharmacist who will be assist with this process.

What if my doctor doesn’t use the WholeLife app?

Your doctor will need to be registered as a WholeLife prescriber to allow you to access your scripts through the WholeLife app. You can send your doctor or clinic’s details to health.services@wholelife.com.au and a member of our team will reach out to help them register.

Can I pay through the app?

Yes you can pay directly through the app or alternatively your pharmacist will organise to take payment from you directly for any medicines they dispense.

Can I book my next consultation on the app?

Yes, you can currently book consultations with the One Health Clinics through the WholeLife app. If you have a doctor that is not part of One Health Clinics who would like to join the WholeLife Prescribers network, they can email health.services@wholelife.com.au.