Electronic Prescriptions are now available at a WholeLife Pharmacy and Healthfoods near you!

We are moving towards a more sustainable and easier way to help you manage your scripts.

How to Use Electronic Scripts:

  1. Ask your doctor to provide you with an E-script
  2. Download your E-script token onto your mobile via SMS or email
  3. Take your token to your local WholeLife Pharmacy and our trained Pharmacists will dispense your medication
  4. Got Repeat Scripts? Don’t stress, your E-script will automatically send you a new token when it is time.

Ask your Pharmacist for more details.

Download the MedAdvisor app to manage your electronic prescriptions, and choose your favourite WholeLife Pharmacy!


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What is an electronic prescription?

An electronic prescription is a convenient new way to receive and fill prescriptions. Rather than getting a paper prescription, your doctor can securely send your script to your phone or email.

How do I receive my prescription electronically?

If your General Practitioner or prescriber is prescribing electronic prescriptions, they can provide you with an electronic prescription when needed. A URL link will be sent to you via SMS or email allowing you to access your prescription. Your electronic prescription will look like the token below:

How can I access or view my electronic prescription?

Your electronic prescription will be sent to you via a URL link via SMS or email. When the URL has been clicked, it will open a webpage showing you your electronic prescription as a token. The MedAdvisor App can also store your electronic prescriptions, to easily view and share with your pharmacy for dispensing.

What if I don't want to use an electronic prescription?

You can still choose to receive a paper prescription. Just let your prescriber know your preferred method.

Can I drop off my electronic prescription in an actual WholeLife Pharmacy?

Yes, you can drop off your electronic prescription at your local WholeLife pharmacy for dispensing, by showing your electronic prescription token on your phone to a pharmacy team member.

The pharmacy team member will scan the token to accept the electronic prescriptions into their system, ready for dispensing.

You can also drop off your prescription ahead of time by sending the electronic prescription via the MedAdvisor App.

How do I give my electronic prescription to a loved one so that they can pick up my prescription?

You can forward a copy of the token to your loved one via email or SMS. Your local pharmacy will check you have consent to pick up someone else’s prescription.

How do I order prescriptions for my family/loved ones?

Using the ‘Carer Mode’ in the MedAdvisor app, you can manage your family and loved one’s paper and electronic prescriptions in the one place.

Who has access to my prescription?

When an electronic prescription is written, it is sent directly to you. For anyone else to access the prescription, you need to provide consent.

What is the benefit of an electronic prescription?

You have access to your prescriptions when and where you want them, never losing or misplacing your prescriptions again.

What is the benefit of an electronic prescription?

You have access to your prescriptions when and where you want them, never losing or misplacing your prescriptions again.

Do I need my health record to use electronic prescriptions?

No, you do not need My Health Record to use electronic prescriptions, but you do need a Medicare or DVA card.

Is the electronic prescribing system secure?

Electronic prescriptions meet a high level of privacy and security. Your prescription is protected and cannot be accessed by anyone without your consent.

What happens if I accidentally delete the email or SMS that contains my electronic prescriptions?

Contact your GP to cancel the electronic prescription and request a new one. They will send you a new token.

If you have deleted your repeat token, your WholeLife pharmacy that had previously dispensed the electronic prescription, can reissue the most recent repeat for that medication.

Will I get a separate token for each medicine I am prescribed?

Yes, you will get a separate token for each medication you are prescribed. If you have repeats on your prescription, your local WholeLife pharmacy team will send you a new token for your next repeat. You will need to give the new token to the pharmacist when your next repeat is due.

How can I get the free medadvisor app?

Simply download the MedAdvisor App from the App store or Google Play and follow the prompts.

How do I order my electronic prescription via the medadvisor app?

You can order your prescription through the MedAdvisor App and arrange home delivery or pick up. Just like Tap-To-Refill, you can select a prescription and send a request to the pharmacy for it to be dispensed.

Because your prescription now lives in the app, it can be dispensed without physically bringing the script to the pharmacy.