Our Top Vitamins and Supplements for COVID Recovery

With the ongoing challenges that we face with COVID, it’s imperative that now more than ever we’re taking extra care of our bodies to give them the best chance of recovering from COVID or any other viral infection or illness. Find some of our top vitamins and supplements that may support COVID-19 recovery with the help from Naturopath Bella from Maroochydore WholeLife Pharmacy and Healthfoods below…

Vitamin D

Vitamin D, aka the sunshine vitamin, is typically known for keeping your bones and muscles strong and healthy. However, there is also extensive research to suggest that vitamin D also supports immunity and inflammation. If you believe you may be deficient or need extra support post illness, talk to one of our pharmacists at WholeLife to find a product that works for you or talk to your GP. Some vitamin D supplements that assist in supporting immune and muscle function and health include…

  1. Bioglan Vitamin D3 1000IU
  2. Swisse Ultiboost Vitamin D
  3. Vital Vitamin D 1000IU Vegecaps

Vitamin C

Vitamin C is an essential micronutrient that can contribute to immune defence. Although vitamin C can be found in a plethora of fruit and vegetables, if you’re wanting to give your immune system some extra support, particularly post illness, vitamin C supplements are a great option. The supplements below are only a few examples of great vitamin C supplements which support immune function and can assist in reducing the severity and duration of common cold symptoms…

  1. Swisse Ultiboost High Strength C
  2. Melrose Vitamin C Bioflavonoids
  3. Henry Blooms Vitamin C & Rosehip


Zinc is essential for many of the body’s functions including the immune system, wound healing, and much more. Taking zinc supplements may be beneficial if you are zinc deficient or need extra support for your immune system. Speak to your GP or pharmacist at WholeLife for advice on what is best for you. Some zinc supplement brands which may assist in supporting immune system health and overall wellbeing include…

  1. Cenovis Zinc Plus
  2. Ethical Nutrients Mega Zinc 40mg
  3. Thompson’s Organic Zinc
  4. Fusion Health Zinc Advanced

Nourish your gut health

A healthy gut contributes to a strong immune system, heart health, brain health, improved mood, sleep, and creates effective digestion. Some great supplements to support your gut health include…

  1. Inner Health Plus
  2. Nature’s Way Restore Probiotic
  3. Life-Space Double Strength Probiotic


Hydration is key! Our body needs water to survive. Drinking plenty of water during and after your covid recovery can help flush out toxins and keep your body’s immunity running smoothly. Consider an electrolyte for extra hydration. Here are some of our favourites…

  1. Pure Sports Nutrition Electrolyte Hydration Powder or Sachets
  2. Berocca (it also contains 12 essential vitamins and minerals, and the flavours are delish)

Herbal medicine

Pop into your nearest WholeLife Pharmacy and Healthfoods store to talk to one of our naturopaths! They can create a specialised tonic tailored to you and your needs. Find our store locator here.

#Always read the label. Follow the directions for use. This medicine may not be right for you, read the label before purchase. If symptoms persist, talk to your health professional. *Nutritional supplements may only be of assistance if dietary intake is inadequate.

This blog was written in collaboration with WholeLife Maroochydore.

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