Hot, Healthy and Heartwarming: Nourish Hub’s Ceremonial Grade Cacao

Tis’ the season to get around a hot choccy or two, and with Nourish Hub’s Ceremonial Grade Cacao, you now get to indulge completely guilt-free!

Nourish Hub treats their cacao production with love and care. Their beans are the highest-quality, sourced from small, organic, sustainable farms and are hand-harvested to ensure all their natural flavours and nutritional properties are retained. The team have eliminated unnecessary processing methods commonly used in the production of cocoa—a product that’s similar, but made by roasting beans at high temperatures, supplementing natural flavours with refined additives like sugar, and removing cacao butter (the most nutritious component of cacao!).

By taking care to retain all its natural goodness, Nourish Hub’s Ceremonial Grade Cacao is chock-a-block with nutritional value.

  • It’s high in magnesium, iron, calcium and zinc
  • It increases circulation and may help lower blood pressure
  • It contains theobromine which may help improve cardiovascular health, cognitive function and overall mood and energy levels
  • It’s extremely low in caffeine, making it a wonderful, delicious alternative to coffee.

Follow Nourish Hub’s recipe to embark on what is sure will become your favourite winter self-care ritual!


  • 1 cup water or milk of your choice (we recommend almond, oat or coconut)
  • 1 chunk Nourish Hub Ceremonial Grade Cacao
  • Optional: Something to sweeten (you might add a dash of organic maple syrup, coconut oil, or cinnamon)


  1. Pour water or milk into a small pot and place on the stove over low heat.
  2. Add cacao and sweetener if using, and heat until all ingredients are combined.
  3. Blend with a milk frother or whisk. Alternatively, combine in a blender that is safe to use with hot liquids. Note: make sure to use low heat only, to prevent ingredients from coming to the boil. Boiling cacao can reduce its antioxidant properties and nutritional benefits.
  4. Pour into your favourite mug, set an intention, and enjoy!


Head into your local WholeLife Pharmacy & Healthfoods store today to grab your Nourish Hub Ceremonial Grade Cacao.

Product availability may vary from store to store.

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