Bathing in Bliss: WholeLife Products That Will Help You Unwind

In a range of cultures across the world, baths are rituals that date back to ancient times. In Japan, bathing commenced in the 6th Century, as an act of Buddhist devotion and purification. The Ancient Romans were known for their construction of beautiful, decadent bath houses where they’d spend multiple days indulging in wellness practices. In Budapest, Hungary, a range of historic bath houses are still frequented today by tourists keen to sit back and relax—and we can’t blame them!

Baths have plenty of health and wellness benefits. They help to relieve muscles, promote sleep, reduce blood pressure, soothe irritated skin, calm the mind and improve mood, and can alleviate cold and flu symptoms.

Why not level-up your bathing experiences this year? Here are five of our top products to make your next bath more indulgent and relaxing than ever before.

Magnesium Active Bath Flakes by Amazing Oils

Magnesium flakes are a must-have for any bathing experience. They have several benefits for the body and mind, promoting skin health, maximising relaxation, improving sleep quality, relieving muscles, enhancing circulation … the list goes on!

These magnesium flakes by Australian brand, Amazing Oils, are infused with menthol to boost their muscle relaxant properties. Wave goodbye to those aches and pains!

Natural Baby Sleeptime Bath by GAIA

Baths aren’t just for the adults! GAIA have created a natural, organic baby and child-wash formula, perfect for sensitive skin. With a pure essential oil blend of lavender, ylang ylang, and organic evening primrose oil, this product is pH balanced, free from artificial fragrances, soaps, sulphates, and parabens, and is sure to sooth your little ones right to sleep.

Rejuvenating Bath Soak by Balm Balm Co.

Block some time out; you won’t want to rush this experience!

Australian brand, Balm Balm Co., have created a beautiful, rejuvenating bath soak blend of magnesium flakes, Himalayan salt, rose petals, lavender, dried orange, and lemon and ylang ylang essential oils to make your next bath a joy for all the senses!

Hemp Face Mask by Butt Naked

Is a bath really complete without a face mask? Not in our eyes!

This face mask is loaded with a blend of omega-3s from hemp, green tea and aloe vera to help smooth wrinkles and soothe redness and inflammation. It will leave your skin smoother, pores tighter, and your complexion looking hydrated, plump, and blemish-free.

Sisal Deluxe Hand Glove by Bass

Show your body some love, with this hand glove, sustainably-made from natural plant fibres! Soften your skin up in the bath and then use this product to gently exfoliate, removing any dead skin, freshening up pores, and leaving you looking fresh and radiant from head to toe.


The range of bath products on offer at WholeLife Pharmacy & Healthfoods are sure to make your next bath indulgent, relaxing, jam-packed full of health benefits and, dare we say it, a ritual worthy of the history books!

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