Medication Packing Services: With WholeLife Pharmacy and Healthfoods, you’ll never miss a dose!

We all want to stay on top of our health to ensure we are keeping our bodies safe and well.  This may involve taking medications to treat long-term conditions such as high blood pressure or Type 2 diabetes, or you may take multivitamins and supplements to maintain nourishment and wellbeing.  Before you know it, you have accumulated multiple tablets that you now have to remember to take each day.  Sound familiar?  At WholeLife, we are here to help make your life a little easier by taking care of your medication and vitamin organisation.

Taking the right medication or supplement at the right time can be challenging.  When we are feeling overwhelmed or forget to take essential medication, we can inadvertently bring on unwanted side effects. In worst-case-scenarios, non-compliance with medication doses can result in hospitalisation due to under or over-dosing. If we skip taking vitamins or supplements, we are not maximising all their potential benefits.

Our WholeLife Pharmacies offer medication packing services to help you stay on top of your medication routines, and to ensure you never miss a dose!

Here are a few reasons why you should consider our medication packing services.

Save time and minimise stress

You will no longer have to worry about counting tablets or sorting through repeat prescriptions.  All you need to do is bring all your medications, vitamins and prescriptions to your pharmacy and let the pharmacy do the organising for you each week.  The pharmacy team will take care of your prescriptions for you and let you know when you need to arrange a visit with your GP to organise new prescriptions.

Safe and effective

Before starting our packing service, our friendly pharmacists will sit down with you to discuss how you currently take your medications, address any immediate concerns, and suggest the best time to take each medication and vitamin, to ensure you are getting the most from your medications and help minimise the risk of any potential side effects.

Tailored to you

Everyone is unique and has different health needs and goals.  Our medication packs can be tailored to fit your daily routine and preference.  Medication packing is not limited to prescription medications.  You can include any vitamins, supplements, and over-the-counter medicines you take on a regular basis. Our pharmacists will also collaborate with your GP to ensure your health care team can stay on top of your health.

Convenient and supporting local

By having your local Wholelife pharmacy provide this personalised service, you can be assured you are being served by your local community and are supporting a local business.  Your local pharmacy is close by, accessible and contactable to assist with any urgent enquiries or last minute changes with your medications.  You can also discuss with your pharmacy if they offer a delivery service, in case you are unable to pick up your medication pack on your usual pick-up day.


Our medication packing service is not just for the elderly or aged care residents; it can be a helpful service for any person at any age wanting confidence they are taking their medications and vitamins at the correct dosage and time.

To find out more, come in store and speak with a pharmacist about the best way we can help you organise your regular medications and vitamins.  Don’t forget to always the label and follow directions for use.


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