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Red Grape Resveratrol is your key to blending the healthful virtues of red grapes into your wellness routine, offering robust antioxidant support aimed at protecting your heart and cells. This supplement leverages the potential heart health and vitality benefits identified in studies, designed to bolster your cardiovascular system and enhance overall health. It embodies the natural sophistication of red grapes, making it a seamless addition to your daily health practices. Opting for red grape-derived resveratrol means enjoying all the positives without the side effects sometimes associated with other resveratrol sources like Japanese knotweed. Grapes, celebrated globally for their health benefits, whether in wine, juice, or whole form, now offer you their antioxidant richness in a convenient supplement. Plus, our resveratrol comes from organically grown Australian grapes, sourced from premier wine-producing regions, ensuring you receive nothing but the finest quality. Whether added to your favourite drink or taken directly, Red Grape Resveratrol invites you to enrich your health regimen with the essence of one of nature?s most esteemed fruits. Embrace this blend of tradition and modern wellness, and give your body the antioxidant protection it deserves, all while supporting your heart and cellular health with every spoonful.


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100% Organic red grapes skin and seed (Vitis Vinifera)

How to Use

1/2 teaspoon daily, 1.6g.