Tips for Taking Care of Your Hearing

Tips on taking care of your hearing

There’s really no better feeling than putting your headphones on, blasting your favourite music and having a major main character moment, but what happens to our ears? If you’re having to shout to be heard over a noise, it’s more than likely that it’s actually damaging your hearing. Often, once our hearing is damaged it can’t be restored! So, what can we do to minimise the risk of this happening?

1. Wearing earplugs

Although we may try and avoid exposure to obvious loud noises like heavy machinery, what about concerts, clubs or even your lawnmower in the backyard? Wearing earplugs when exposed to any loud sounds, like the ones mentioned previously, can be extremely beneficial in maintaining noise levels and reducing the risk of hearing loss.

2. Turn that volume down!

I’m sure we’re all guilty of turning our house, car or headphones into our own mini concert and blasting some bangers. However, your electronics can damage your hearing the same way that loud machinery can! A top tip to minimise your chances of losing your hearing, is by listening to music, a movie or a video game at no more than 60% max volume and only wearing your earphones or headphones for no more than an hour.


Did you know that you can now view on your Apple devices your audio levels on the Health App?! Apple groups your headphone/earphone volume levels into two categories, “Ok” (under 80 decibels) to “Loud” (over 80 decibels). This tool can be extremely beneficial in finding out if your volume patterns and headphone use could be impacting your hearing.

For those Apple Watch lovers, the watchOS Noise app alerts you when you’re in a loud environment that could damage your hearing. Crazy right? There are also many apps which you can download on Android to monitor your audio levels.

3. Stress less

You’re probably thinking, how on earth could stress impact my hearing? We’re here to tell you that in fact it can! When your body is responding to stress, the overproduction of adrenaline actually minimises blood flow to your ears which can impact your hearing. Have you ever heard of Tinnitus? Many studies have revealed that countless individuals experience symptoms of Tinnitus like ringing, buzzing or whistling noises in their ear after experiencing a stressful period in their lives. So how can we stress less? Click here to find our favourite tips to reducing stress.

4. Get your hearing checked

It’s imperative to get your hearing checked every few years. If you’re experiencing symptoms of ringing sensation in the ears, having difficulty hearing conversations or others complaining that your volume is too high, this might be a sign that you should get your hearing checked ASAP!

Feature Image Via: Fusion Health

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