When a patient visits their GP, they can now request to receive their script electronically. The script will be provided to the patient by SMS or email. The patient can then present this notification to their pharmacy or load the script electronically into the MedAdvisor app to send it to the pharmacy digitally.

Electronic prescribing provides greater choice for patients, improving efficiency in prescribing and dispensing medications, supporting electronic medication charts in hospitals and residential aged care facilities, removing the need for handling and storing a physical paper prescription, supporting digital health services such as telehealth ensuring continuity of patient care, providing an opportunity to protect community members and healthcare providers from exposure to infectious diseases (eg. COVID-19) and maintaining patient privacy of personal information. 

The WholeLife Pharmacy & Healthfoods app, MedAdvisor, also provides patients with dosage and script reminders as well as access to script status and history.

So, whilst paper prescriptions are still available, e-script provides a convenient and simplified solution for all script management.

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