Daily Fibre Supplement 300 Pack

Metamucil Fibrecaps multi-health fibre with 100% natural Psyllium.

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Metamucil Daily Fibre Supplement Multi-Health Fibre with 100% natural Psyllium 4 Ways to energise your health & vitality – Feel lighter and more active. Helps body’s natural toxin removal process via cleansing effect. Helps maintain healthy cholesterol levels. Is a daily cleanser for your insides. So start the day right with Metamucil and improve your health in 4 ways.


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Psyllium Husk Powder, approx 525mg.

How to Use

Healthy and Convenient: With Metamucil Fibrecaps, you get the benefits of 100% natural psyllium fibre. Simply take 2-6 capsules, one at a time, with a 250mL glass of water. Drink plenty of water. Take Metamucil Anywhere: Each dose (6 capsules) of Metamucil Fibrecaps contains the same amount of fibre as two bowls of cornflakes. Now you can take that fibre whenever and wherever you like. Dosage Table: . To supplement daily fibre intake. Adult 12 yrs+: 2-6 Capsules . 6-11 yrs: Consider use of Metamucil powder. Dosage Table: . To restore and maintain regularity. Adult 12 yrs+: 6 capsules . 6-11 yrs: Consider use of Metamucil. Dosage Table: . To help maintain healthy cholesterol levels. Adult 12 yrs+: 6 Capsules three times daily. 6-11 yrs: Consider use of Metamucil powder. Dose can be taken 1-3 times daily. This product is not recommended for children under 12 years. New users: Start with 1 dose per day; gradually increase to 3 doses per day as necessary.


Always read the label. Follow the directions for use. Tamper evident: Do not use if printed inner seal is missing or broken. If symptoms persist, talk to your healthcare professional.