Cordyceps Mushroom 100g

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Assist to build physical strength and power, endurance and stamina.

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Always read the label and follow the directions for use.

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This super-mushroom is a staple ingredient in TCM to support healthy kidneys, lungs, liver and immunity. Cordyceps has been traditionally used to enhance endurance and generate power, increase stamina and energy, build muscle mass, improve physical strength and boost libido.


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Cordyceps Mushroom 10:1 Extract Powder

How to Use

With our Cordyceps mushroom extracts, we recommend starting with 1/4 – 1/2 tsp (1.6g) per day. If you are sensitive to herbs, you may want to start with less. When your body feels ready, you can increase your dosage according to your daily needs and what you want to effect. Best time to use is in the AM and PM. For fast absorption, mix the Cordyceps extract powder directly into coffee, hot tea or your favourite nut milk. Cordyceps mushrooms are also a delicious addition to your smoothies, hot chocolates, soup broths, raw desserts, baked goods and more. Teelixir mushroom extracts are not sensitive to heat.