1. Tell us a bit about who Pelvi is?

Pelvi is owned and run by a nimble team of women. Since 2012 it’s been Pelvi’s passion to design the best quality pelvic health and period care products for women’s hard-working bodies.

  1. What kind of products do you offer?

Pelvi offers alternatives to single-use period products, our unique period care range treats women’s bodies and the earth with respect. These include the Pelvi Menstrual Cup, Pelvi Reusable Leakproof Underwear, and Pelvi Cloth Pads. Combining medical research, female insight, and body-friendly ingredients, Pelvi products ensure happy results and a healthier body.

  1. What is Pelvi’s mission?

Our mission is to open up the conversation and break down the stigma when it comes to talking openly about pelvic floor issues, and period care and providing alternative more sustainable options for conscious consumers.

  1. What is Pelvi’s contribution to sustainability?  

We are lucky enough to be based in the sunny Gold Coast surrounded by a beautiful environment – which we are passionate about protecting in any way we can. We believe that reusable menstrual products are the future of period care. By educating women about the current waste, we hope to empower women to make the change to alternative more sustainable choices.

  1. What advice would you give to women who are apprehensive of switching from traditional period products to Pelvi? 

Making the switch from disposable to reusable is a positive change for women’s health and the environment. Vaginas are one of the most absorbent parts of the body and by using Menstrual Cups and reusable Period Underwear you’re avoiding potential harmful materials. If you are unsure on where to start try the Pelvi Leakproof Undies, they give you ultra-protection with no leaks at all and are designed to remain dry and fresh, plus they are super comfy!

For more information on Pelvi’s story and products, you can check out their website here.