International Women’s Day – Interview with Eco By Sonya Driver

Happy International Women’s Day ladies! Today we’re recognising the social, economic, cultural, and political achievements of women. Here at WholeLife we love to acknowledge strong women within our team and in the greater community.

Introducing Sonya Driver. She is the CEO and Founder of Eco by Sonya, and since her brands’ humble beginnings in 2010, it has amassed a vast and dedicated following, with her high quality, natural and organic products winning countless awards along the way. For this International Women’s Day, we had the pleasure to ask her a few questions…

Who is a woman who inspires you?

All women that have overcome and defied the trauma and obstacles that life has thrown at them. All the women that have taken on a journey of self-healing for themselves and have compassion for others…they all inspire me! I’ve always greatly admired and have been drawn to strong women.

You have achieved many awards with your Eco by Sonya products, and have achieved a revolution in Skincare, Tanning & Body Care, but what achievement are you most proud of?

This answer will seem lame however I spend a lot of my time on social media inboxes and it’s my customers that send me incredible photos of their before and afters – their stories and how many of them say that my products have changed their lives. Whether it’s healing a scar, treating acne or their achievements – to be able to touch people on that deeper level is worth more than a thousand awards.

As a successful woman who has overcome many barriers, what advice do you have to women thinking about their careers, and aspiring toward success?

First of all, shameless self-promotion…read my business starter plan, The Nudge! Most importantly though and my advice, base everything on a good foundation and trust your gut.

Here at WholeLife we believe empowered women empower women. How do you feel you and your products empower women, and are there any specific products you would recommend to help us feel at our most powerful?

One of my greatest honours and achievements is creating my own not-for-profit charity called Miracle Made Foundation. Our main focus is on domestic violence victims and homelessness. To date we have housed many women and children as well as purchasing cars for women so they are able to get back to work, computers for kids and children so they can go to school without shame. How you can help with that is by people buying our Miracle Made Foundation Organic Cloths as 100% of the profits go directly to these incentives. Practical empowerment right there!

We know you are the founder of your company, but are there any women behind the scenes at your company or in your community who you want to shout out?

Oh my goodness, I could be here all day! There really is too many incredible, gold hearted women I could mention. My fear is leaving one out! They all know who they are, and this is what I believe…. we can all do something for someone.

What a woman! We loved hearing what Sonya had to say about International Women’s Day, and we strongly recommend you try her amazing products (which can be found at our WholeLife Pharmacy and Healthfoods stores).

Want to get involved this International Women’s Day?

  • Do some research into female-owned businesses you’d like to support (Like Eco by Sonya!)
  • Acknowledge and appreciate some of the influential women in your life
  • Donate/fundraise to female-focused charities
  • Initiate conversations and raise awareness surrounding women’s equality and equity
  • Embrace your empowerment! Try some products that make you feel like a powerful woman or buy products for the powerful women in your life!

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Credit Image Via: Eco By Sonya

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