Pet Care at WholeLife

Pet Care at WholeLife

Here at WholeLife, we endeavour to support you and your family’s health and wellness journey by providing professional pharmacy advice and a plethora of health products. But what about our furry little friends? Like humans, diet plays a vital role in the quality of life of your pet. Thus, we’re excited to announce that we now stock a variety of pet care products that will definitely get tails wagging.

It’s clear that nutrition plays an extremely important role in the quality of life of your pooch and providing them with highly nutritious meals is what allows them to grow, develop and stay active. Nourishing your pets with high quality products can assist in health and longevity, less frequent vet visits, improved digestion, improved skin and coat health and much more![1]

Time to pamper your pooch and provide them with only the best. With this in mind, we’ve created a list of our top picks that we know your pooch will love.


  1. Dr Zoo Natural Nourishing Shampoo and Conditioner: It’s bath time! This shampoo and conditioner have all natural and safe ingredients that contain Jojoba Oil to nourish their skin. Safe for your pets and leaves them squeaky clean? What more could you want.

2. Paw by Blackmores Complete Calm Chews: Sometimes our dogs need a little extra assistance to enhance their wellbeing. These Calm Chews support the general health and wellbeing of your dog and combine Tryptophan which help dogs with territorial and dominance aggression or anxiety which can be caused by travel or separation from owners.[2]

3. Ziwi Peak Dog New Zealand Free Range Chicken or Lamb Recipe: Why just buy sustainable and ethically sourced products for yourself when you can also purchase them for your pets! Ziwi Peak’s use free range, grass-fed meats and local poultry which are ethically raised under New Zealand’s Freedom Principles. These wet dog food cans have all the ingredients your dog needs to stay healthy and will love.

4. Bell & Bone Dental Sticks Chicken, Mint and Seaweed: Just like we look after our teeth every day, our dogs need our help to ensure their pearly whites continue to stay healthy. Bell & Bone’s dental sticks are perfect for deterring plaque, fighting tartar and promoting healthier gums. They’re also Australian made and owned.

Pets Dr Zoo
pet ziwi
pets blackmores
pet bell and bone

If you want to learn more about the power of pets, click here!


Featured image via Ziwi Australia.

Our Top in Store Sustainability Picks

Our Top in Store Sustainability Picks

As we move to a more environmentally conscious society, there has been a push for more sustainable products. But where do we even begin our journey to sustainability and what brands can we trust?

We are here to help! WholeLife stocks a vast range of products and brands that embody ‘good for you and good for the earth.’ See our favourite sustainable brands that we stock at WholeLife below.

  • Cheeki is an Australian brand that has introduced an extensive range of products, including water bottles and tumblers, but what is so amazing about these products is that they are stainless steel and reusable!
  • Ever Eco is cracking down on single-use plastics and has introduced a range of products that aim to eliminate this! From reusable facial pads to produce bags and stainless-steel bento boxes, Ever Eco has all your essentials to kick-start your plastic-free journey.
  • Bio Tuff solves the issue of using plastic and contributing to mass waste in landfills with their compostable and biodegradable products including bin liners and cling wrap. Imagine your bags decomposing in 0 to 90 days instead of decades!
  • Go Bamboo is the perfect alternative to plastic products! Switching to bamboo products can assist in cutting global levels of carbon dioxide and reducing your carbon footprint. Additionally, they offer a large range of products including biodegradable toothbrushes, reusable straws and clothing pegs!
  • Pelvi is not only empowering women and their bodies but also advocate for the importance of cutting down waste with their reusable period products including their leakproof underwear, menstrual cups and cotton pads.
  • Who Gives A Crap is an amazing brand that offers products which are made from 100% forest friendly bamboo and to top it off, 50% of their profits go to help build toilets for those in need.
  • Ecostore’s products protect not only you but the environment! Offering various home, body, oral and baby care products, Ecostore does their bit by being all-natural, cruelty and GE/GMO free. Their products are also made from 100% renewable and recyclable plastics.
  • Gem is a proudly Australian made brand that offers non-toxic oral care products including toothpaste, floss and mouthwash!
  • Noosa Basics offers a wide range of products that are organic, vegan and cruelty-free including skincare and deodorants. Plus, they are 100% Australian made!

Consider adding some sustainable options into your daily life to help reduce your environmental footprint!

For more information on how to live a more sustainable life, read our blog post on the difference between biodegradable, compostable, recyclable and reusable.

The Difference Between Biodegradable, Compostable, Recyclable and Reusable

The Difference Between Biodegradable, Compostable, Recyclable and Reusable

Each of us need to do our piece to help protect and restore our plant and small changes can start with you! This change can start with becoming more conscious about what you are putting back into the environment and reducing the amount you are sending off to landfill.

There has been an emergence of biodegradable and compostable products as a way to help minimise our impact on landfills, but what are these products and how are they different from each other?

The main differences between biodegradable and compostable products are related to the composition of their materials, how they decompose, and any residual elements left after decomposition. We all know that plastic can take decades to fully decompose, however with biodegradable plastics or products, they have the ability to break down in a year or less, decomposing into natural substances, minimising the buildup of waste in landfills, and benefiting our natural environment!

Similar to biodegradable, compostable products can also fully decompose within the natural environment, however, the main difference is that biodegradable products refer to any material that breaks down whereas compostable products are solely organic elements that decompose and enrich the earth with nutrients once their material has broken down. This not only reduces the magnitude of waste in landfills but also restores nutrients back into the earth. Compostable products also use less water, energy and fewer greenhouse gas emissions within the manufacturing process.

Not only is switching to biodegradable and compostable products beneficial for the environment, choosing recyclable and reusable products is also extremely important. So, what is the difference between recyclable and reusable?

Before throwing out your empty glass bottles or plastic containers, know that these can be recycled and turned into new reusable products! Glass recycling can create new items including jars, while plastic recycling can create new bottles for items like shampoo. Contrastingly, reusable items are products which can be used for another purpose other than being thrown away like recyclable products. Reusable products include plastic take away containers which can be used to store food and old clothes can be turned into rags or donated to Op Shops, friends, or family!

At WholeLife, we offer an array of products that offer an option to help support our natural environment including products that are recyclable, reusable, biodegradable, or compostable materials. Look out for the symbols in our store and catalogue that help identify the options available.

Make sure you read our Top In Store Sustainability Picks blog and check out our Instagram @wholelifepharmacyandhealthfood to plan your WholeLife haul!

Feature Image Via: Ecostore

10 Summer Road Trip Essentials

10 Summer Road Trip Essentials

With international travel firmly off the agenda for this summer, it’s time to round up your best road tripping pals, pack the car, and set off on a summertime adventure!

Australia has countless amazing regional hidden gems that are begging to be explored and deserve a spot on your road trip itinerary. While you’ve been busy plotting stops on the map, we’ve been busy getting your summer road trip essentials list ready.

Don’t even think about leaving home without these 10 must-have road trip items.



Most of us by now are well-versed on the importance of wearing a broad spectrum SPF while enjoying the great outdoors that Australia has to offer – we’re not called the sunburnt country for no reason! But we’re often lulled into a false sense of security when inside the car.

You can still get sunburnt and cause damage to your skin through car windows, so make sure you slip, slop, slap even while driving!

Lip Balm

If our past few hot Aussie summers are anything to go by, we know you’ll be blasting the aircon as hard as you’ll be blasting your road trip playlist. Air conditioners in cars can strip the moisture from your skin and lips, so a hydrating lip balm is an absolute essential. We have lots of lip balms with natural ingredients to keep your lips moisturised and healthy whilst being gentle on your skin.


Snacks are an absolute must have on your road trip! Is it even a road trip without snacks? We think not. Does a road trip pardon you from accidentally eating enough snacks to feed a small village? Absolutely. Make sure to bring a good mix of sweet, savoury, and healthy snacks to keep everyone in the car happy (and to avoid a sugar overload and subsequent crash). Chopping up some veggies like celery, carrot or cucumber into bite sized pieces are an easy way to balance the sweet or salty snacks.


Keeping your eyes on the road when the sun is glaring in is not ideal! Give the squinting a break and protect your eyes with some sunnies. We’ve got styles to suit everyone, and will make you look super cool in your summer road trip snaps. 

Reusable Water Bottle

A hydrated driver is a happy driver! Refill as you go to avoid buying countless plastic water bottles along the way. Reusable water bottles are eco-friendly, stylish, and often keep your water cooler for longer. Gone are the days of desperately drinking the boiled dregs of plastic tasting water from that crunched-up bottle you found under the passenger seat of your car. Up your hydration game and save the planet at the same time!


When in need of a little bit of extra hydration, we reach for Hydralyte. It’s easy to forget to reach for your water bottle when you’re busy driving, navigating or singing along to your road trip playlist.

Keep Cup

Those coffee breaks add up if you’re getting a disposable coffee cup every time, impacting both the environment and your wallet. Most cafes will offer a discount to those who can BYO cup. Bring your keep cup with you for sustainable sipping!

First Aid Kit

A simple first-aid kit will do and is a must have. You never know when someone might take a small tumble while hiking to the waterfalls of Instagram. Make sure to keep it in your car at all times, even on short trips.

Headache Medication

Sitting in the car for long periods of time can take a toll. So can listening to your tone-deaf friends belt out their rendition of Christmas Carols. Our over-the-counter pain relief such as Panadol* and Nurofen* can help relieve those pesky headaches and get you back to cruising along the highway in no time.

*Always read the label. Follow the directions for use. This medicine may not be right for you, read the label before purchase. If symptoms persist, talk to your health professional

Hand Sanitiser

2020’s most coveted product is also one of ours! Keep those nasty germs from public bathroom pit stops at bay with hand sanitiser. Also super useful to cleanse your hands with when you’re picnicking on the go, after filling up the car with petrol, or before you’re about to demolish one of your road trip snacks.

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D.I.Y Dried Orange Garland

D.I.Y Dried Orange Garland

The intoxicating scent of sweet orange slices drying in the oven is one that puts even the most stubborn of grinches in the Christmas spirit. This D.I.Y eco-friendly garland is so easy to make and can be used to decorate the Christmas tree, dining table, gifts and more!

What you’ll need:

  • 5 oranges
  • Twine or string
  • Hot glue gun

Let’s Begin:

1. Heat your oven to 120°C and line 3 baking sheets with baking paper.

2. Slice the oranges in 0.8-1cm thick slices and arrange on the trays.

3. Bake for 2-4 hours or until completely dried out. Flip the orange slices halfway through the cooking time.

4. Leave to cool completely.

5. Cut your twine to the length you want your garland and using the hot glue gun, adhere the orange slices to the twine.

6. Make sure the glue has cooled and hardened, then it is ready for use!

This orange garland can last up to two years!

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Looking for more D.I.Y Christmas decorating inspiration? Read our Salt Dough Ornament blog.

Image Credit:

Dried Orange garland on staircase by

Scandinavian Christmas Tree by

2020 Christmas Gift Guide

2020 Christmas Gift Guide

Christmas is practically just around the corner and it’s time to get your shopping done, wrapped and under the tree! Searching for the perfect gift is hard work, especially for that tricky I-already-have-everything-I-want friend. Don’t stress (yet) though – we’ve got you covered!

We’ve collated a handy selection of our absolute favourites for the lovers of all things natural beauty and healthy living. From luxurious natural skincare sets by Trilogy, Natio, and Weleda, to delectable scents by Song of India and Oil Garden, you’re on track to picking a winner with our unbeatable gift selection here at WholeLife.

Sound like someone you’ve got on your list? Scroll on for major inspiration! Trust us, that impossible-to-buy-for friend will be thanking you later!

  1. Natio Sunlit Wellness Gift Set… $54.95
  2. Weleda Active Regeneration Set… $29.89
  3. Trilogy Rosehip Three-Step Set… $35.95
  4. Mad Millie Kombucha Kit… $44.95
  5. Banksia Aroma Pod With Eucalyptus Oil Gift Box… $49.99
  6. Ithaca Amethyst Tea Candle Holders… $37.50 each
  7. Pukka Tea Advent Calendar… $22.95
  8. Loco Love Chocolate Box… $45.00
  9. Nutra Organics Superfood Lattes… $18.49 each
  10. JS Health Vitamins… $44.99 each
  11. English Tea Shop Gift Box… $19.99
  12. Raww Supercharge Beauty Smoothie Pack… $29.99
  13. Teelixir Mushroom Cacao Latte… $24.99
  14. Natio Spa Bathe Set… $19.95
  15. Oil Garden 3-in-1 Ultrasonic Diffuser… $39.89
  16. Song Of India Organic Goodness Candle… $11.99
  17. Wheatbags Love Sleep Gift Pack… $40.00
  18. Loco Artisan Flask 20oz… $59.95

Gift availability is subject to stock and which store you visit.

Need stocking stuffer inspiration? Read about our favourite stocking suffers here

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