Skincare 101: Products by Skin Type

Let’s talk skin type. Do you struggle with dry, scaly skin? Or perhaps with shiny, oily looking and feeling skin? This is all to do with your skin type! It’s time to unpack our skincare 101: products by skin type.


Our Top Products for Self-Care Sunday

Another week done and completely dusted! Whether you’ve had the best week ever or one of the worst, it’s vital to give your body and mind a bit of extra tlc so you can tackle next week head on. Here at WholeLife HQ, we take our Sunday self-care sesh VERY seriously, so we’ve decided to spill the beans and share with you some of our top products for self-care Sunday that will make you look and feel ahh-mazing!


Introducing Cannabella

Do you suffer from acne, redness, dryness, irritation or dullness with your skin? Well, we might just have the solution for you – Cannabella Skincare. Cannabella is a leading Australian natural skincare provider with a mission to reconnect people with the healing powers of plant-based skincare. Learn more about their amazing products.

Eco by Sonya Driver's Glory Oil

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Native Australian Ingredients in skincare

Native Australian Ingredients in Skincare