7 Ways to Get Glowing

7 Ways to Get Glowing

Winter can wreak havoc on your skin- from the harsh air causing it to be dry, itchy and dull. While the indoor heating zaps moisture from the air and your skin. Not to mention the lack of sunshine your skin gets to see underneath all your Winter layers. We’ve compiled 7 easy steps to get your glow back to its former Summer glory!


 There’s nothing more satisfying than buffing away dead and dull Winter skin to reveal the baby soft skin underneath. Choose an energising formula to invigorate the skin, buff the body in circular motions to boost circulation for an otherworldly glow. We recommend using a different exfoliator for your face because the skin is more delicate, opt for a non-abrasive exfoliator infused with fruit acids to even out skin tone and reveal a fresh, glowing complexion.



 Fake tan is probably the fastest way we can think of to get back that summer glow we so long for on these cold and blistery days. Eco Tan’s range of delicious organic, vegan and toxin free self-tan deliver a beautiful, believable, golden bronze glow. They are also incredibly quick and easy to apply.


Get glowing from the inside out. Collagen is the second most abundant substance in our body, behind water, and is the building block of our tissues, making up 75% of our skin. Collagen is clinically proven to rejuvenate lifeless hair, strengthen nails and smooth fine lines and wrinkles. Here are a few collagen products you can try from WholeLife.


 Never underestimate the power of a good bronzer! Here is a line-up of our favourite WholeLife bronzers to brighten your mood and complexion. From matte formulas to golden glow shimmer, we’ll get you feeling like you’ve just spent the day at the beach.


 We are certainly guilty of putting off moisturising, make this task a treat with our selection of hydrating, silky body creams. Trust us, there is no better feeling than lathering up your entire body in moisturiser and jumping into bed, especially post exfoliating. You’ll wake up as silky smooth as a baby dolphin, you’re welcome!


 We are currently obsessed with the Acure Brightening product range, formulated specially to help your skin obtain a brighter and radiantly glowing appearance, with ingredients like vitamin C, vitamin B3 and noni fruit. They’re also 100% vegan, paraben free, sulfate free, mineral oil free, silicone free and cruelty free. Do your Winter skin a favour and pop down to WholeLife and try it out!


 Remember to keep drinking plenty of water! I know I’m guilty of not drinking enough water during the winter months, often opting for a coffee or hot chocolate instead. If you want a warm drink that is still super hydrating try herbal teas!  Choose one that is caffeine free and full of antioxidant rich ingredients like rose tea or hibiscus tea.

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A Complete Guide to Washing Fruit & Vegetables

A Complete Guide to Washing Fruit & Vegetables

Due to the current circumstances with the COVID-19 global pandemic, this has ignited concerns by many people speculating whether more aggressive washing techniques should be used when washing their fruit and vegetables. In response to this, health professionals have advised that using pervasive substances are unnecessary and global pandemic or not, individuals should be adequately washing their fresh fruit and vegetables to remove germs and any unwanted residues from their surfaces before eating them.

How to do this? The first steps even before washing the fruit and vegetables, is that the individual washes their hands with soap and water and ensure that any utensils or surfaces that the fresh produce may come into contact with is thoroughly cleaned.

The next steps of washing the fruit will depend on the characteristics of the produce. Fruit including apples and pears and vegetables like potatoes that have firmer skins can be brushed with a clean, soft bristle to remove any residues and must be washed before peeling to prevent surface bacteria from reaching the inside of the produce. Leafy greens, which include spinach, lettuce and bok choy should be submerged in a bowl of cool water, swished and rinsed off with fresh water. With delicate produce, including berries or mushrooms which can fall apart can be cleaned with a steady stream of water and gently using fingers to remove any grit on the surface.

Fruit and vegetables offer an abundance of vitamins, minerals, fibre and antioxidants which can enrich an individual’s diet once the effective cleaning methods which were mentioned above are applied.

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Vegan White Chocolate & Macadamia Cookies

Vegan White Chocolate & Macadamia Cookies

Crunchy on the outside & chewy on the inside… We used the new Loving Earth vegan white chocolate to create these crowd pleasing cookies. 

Prep time: 15 minutes

Cooking time: 10 minutes

Serves: 20 cookies


 .1/3 cup chopped macadamias

.3/4 cup chopped vegan white chocolate – we are using the new Loving Earth white chocolate

.1/4 cup virgin coconut oil

.3/4 cups brown sugar or coconut sugar

.2 tablespoons coconut yogurt

.2 tablespoons dairy-free milk

.1 teaspoon vanilla extract

.1 1/3 cups wholemeal spelt flour

.1/4 teaspoon bicarb soda

.1/4 teaspoon sea salt

Let’s Begin:

1. Cream the coconut oil and sugar in a bowl with an electric mixer.


2. Mix in the yogurt, milk and vanilla.


3. Add the flour, baking soda and salt to the bowl and mix until combined.


4. Add the chopped white chocolate and macadamias, mix until evenly combined throughout the cookie dough.


5. Roll little balls of the dough with floured hands to avoid sticking, arrange the balls on baking trays and press with your fingers to flatten slightly.


6. Bake the cookies for 10 minutes, allow to cool before eating.

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Vegetarian Dumplings With Fried Rice & Broccoli

Vegetarian Dumplings With Fried Rice & Broccoli

For those nights that you can’t be bothered, or don’t have the time to be cooking up a storm in the kitchen, we present to you our healthy quick freezer aisle options at WholeLife. We’ve kicked off this new freezer series with a delicious bowl of vegetarian dumplings with a serve of garlic broccoli and healthy fried rice.

Prep: 10 minutes

Cooking: 10 minutes

Serves: 2


 .1 packet microwave brown rice

.1 packet Golden Pig & Co, Tofu & Shiitake Mushroom Dumplings

.3 cups frozen broccoli florets

.1/2 cup frozen corn

.1 clove garlic

.1 spring onion

.1 tbsp teriyaki sauce, we have used the Absolute Organic Coconut Amino Sauce

.1 tsp Nutra Organics vegetable broth powder

Let’s Begin:


1.Fill a pot with water and bring to the boil. Boil the dumplings according to the packet instructions.


2.Whilst you are waiting for the vegetarian dumplings to cook, heat a wok with a drizzle of olive oil. Add the frozen broccoli into the wok and start to stir fry, when the broccoli begins to soften, mince the garlic and add into the pan.


3.Now you can add the teriyaki sauce to the wok, keep frying until the broccoli is cooked through.


4.Set aside the broccoli in a bowl. We will use the wok to cook the fried rice so no need to clean it yet.


5.Heat the microwave rice according to the packet instructions, whilst the rice warms, finely chop the spring onion.


6.Reheat the wok with a drizzle of olive oil, remove the rice from the packet into the wok and begin to fry, breaking apart the rice with your spoon.


7.Add to the rice your corn, spring onion, vegetable powder. Mix and stir fry the mixture, season with salt and pepper to taste.


8.Once the rice is thoroughly stir fried, warmed through and has a little bit of nice crispiness it is done. At this stage you could whisk an egg and cook it through the rice for extra protein if you wanted to.


9.When the dumplings have finished cooking, drain them and serve hot. You can also serve some more of the teriyaki sauce on the side for dipping.

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Understanding Elderberry

Understanding Elderberry

Could understanding Elderberry help you get through cold & flue season this year?Elderberry refers to several different varieties of the Sambucus tree. The most commonly used in nutritional supplements is Sambucus nigra, also known as the European elderberry or black elderberry. Various parts of the elderberry plant have been used throughout history for medicinal and culinary purposes. Hippocrates (often referenced as the father of medicine) called elderberry a medicine chest because of its seemingly endless health benefits and usability.


For hundreds of years people have been using teas and syrups made from elderberry to fight upper respiratory infections and boost immunity. So, should we be adding elderberry into our diets during cold and flu season?

Elderberry supplements include syrups, gummies, lozenges, pills and teas. These are believed to work by supplying the body with antioxidants and boosting your natural immune response. Elderberries have twice the natural antioxidant capacity of blueberries and significantly more than cranberries. Some studies found that elderberry has been shown to reduce the severity and length of the flu. One study of 60 people with influenza found that those who took 15ml of elderberry syrup four times per day showed symptom improvement in two to four days, while the control group took seven to eight days to improve.

For most people, it wouldn’t hurt to include elderberry as a part of a healthy diet as we navigate cold and flu season, along with foods and supplements high in vitamin C, vitamin B6 and vitamin E, to support the immune system. Make sure you check with your doctor or healthcare professional that the product is right for you. Women who are pregnant or breastfeeding are not recommended to take elderberry.

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