Winter can wreak havoc on your skin- from the harsh air causing it to be dry, itchy and dull. While the indoor heating zaps moisture from the air and your skin. Not to mention the lack of sunshine your skin gets to see underneath all your Winter layers. We’ve compiled 7 easy steps to get your glow back to its former Summer glory!


 There’s nothing more satisfying than buffing away dead and dull Winter skin to reveal the baby soft skin underneath. Choose an energising formula to invigorate the skin, buff the body in circular motions to boost circulation for an otherworldly glow. We recommend using a different exfoliator for your face because the skin is more delicate, opt for a non-abrasive exfoliator infused with fruit acids to even out skin tone and reveal a fresh, glowing complexion.



 Fake tan is probably the fastest way we can think of to get back that summer glow we so long for on these cold and blistery days. Eco Tan’s range of delicious organic, vegan and toxin free self-tan deliver a beautiful, believable, golden bronze glow. They are also incredibly quick and easy to apply.


Get glowing from the inside out. Collagen is the second most abundant substance in our body, behind water, and is the building block of our tissues, making up 75% of our skin. Collagen is clinically proven to rejuvenate lifeless hair, strengthen nails and smooth fine lines and wrinkles. Here are a few collagen products you can try from WholeLife.


 Never underestimate the power of a good bronzer! Here is a line-up of our favourite WholeLife bronzers to brighten your mood and complexion. From matte formulas to golden glow shimmer, we’ll get you feeling like you’ve just spent the day at the beach.


 We are certainly guilty of putting off moisturising, make this task a treat with our selection of hydrating, silky body creams. Trust us, there is no better feeling than lathering up your entire body in moisturiser and jumping into bed, especially post exfoliating. You’ll wake up as silky smooth as a baby dolphin, you’re welcome!


 We are currently obsessed with the Acure Brightening product range, formulated specially to help your skin obtain a brighter and radiantly glowing appearance, with ingredients like vitamin C, vitamin B3 and noni fruit. They’re also 100% vegan, paraben free, sulfate free, mineral oil free, silicone free and cruelty free. Do your Winter skin a favour and pop down to WholeLife and try it out!


 Remember to keep drinking plenty of water! I know I’m guilty of not drinking enough water during the winter months, often opting for a coffee or hot chocolate instead. If you want a warm drink that is still super hydrating try herbal teas!  Choose one that is caffeine free and full of antioxidant rich ingredients like rose tea or hibiscus tea.

Share your favourite tips to get glowing with us in the comments!

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