West End Naturopath

Helping you find natural solutions to health issues and concerns.


Appointment Fees:

Initial Consultation (60 minutes) – $120

Follow Up Consultation – (45 minutes) $100

Follow Up Consultation – (30 minutes) $80

Bruce is a member of the Complementary Medicine Association (CMA) and is registered with all Australian private health funds.

Practitioner only ranges and Functional Testing available

About Bruce

Bruce Thompson completed his Bachelor of Health Sciences, Naturopathy at Endeavour College of Natural Health. Bruce has worked extensively within the health industry, along with having his own practice.

Bruce found his calling to become a Naturopath later in his work life. Throughout his career one thing was certain, Bruce loved helping people. His cheerful and passionate personality and eagerness to help others is a valued asset he brings to us at West End.

Bruce takes an integrative and scientific based approach when treating his clients, with a strong focus on herbal medicine and nutritional treatment plans. He prefers to focus on improving health outcomes through proven methods, that work with client’s individual’s lifestyle.

A good day in “the office” for Bruce is knowing he has made a difference by helping someone.

Areas of Special Interest

Although Bruce has experience in all areas of natural health he has a special interest in:

  • Anxiety
  • Sleep disorders
  • Hormonal imbalances and testing
  • Fatigue and energy disorders
  • Gastrointestinal disorders
  • Men’s health



current promotions


Spring Wellness Detox


Put a spring in your step for the warmer months ahead by shedding excess winter kilos and detoxing with our 14 day detox program. This two week program is conducted under the guidance of Carmel, our West End based naturopath. The program begins with a comprehensive 30 minute one-on-one consultation with Carmel which will include a zinc tally test and physical measurements. The program also includes:

  • A full detox package which includes nutrients, herbs and pre and probiotics which may assist in reducing toxic loads, improving energy, decreasing weight and improving overall vitality.
  • Two weeks of unlimited yoga at JustBe Space (located upstairs from our West End pharmacy), which will further aid the detox process with classes that have been specifically created to aid the body in detoxification, decrease the stress response and improve well-being.
  • Access to our members only facebook page will allow you to chat with other program participants in a safe and inclusive space, swapping recipes, meal plans, exercise ideas and more. Carmel will moderate the page and provide extra hints and tips to keep you on track and accountable!

There is an option to extend the program in two week blocks which includes a 30 minute follow up consultation and the cost of any additional supplements.

COST: $425



Do you have some unwelcome guests living in your lower digestive track?  Are you suffering from the symptoms of microbiome disruption? SIBO? Dysbosis?  Is your digestive system particularly sensitive for no real reason? Then the Gut Pathogen program may be for you. The program helps to correct gut dysbosis and rebuild a healthy micobiome. It helps to restore a healthy gut barrier, improves digestion and assimilation of nutrients.  With the use of broad spectrum antimicrobial herbs, gut healing nutrients, and pre and probiotics this program will help to restore and aid your gut function.


COST: $482



Have you been exposed to environmental, xenobiotic or occupational chemicals? Do you require extra support to chelate heavy metals from the body? Does your diet lack nutrients or are your dietary choices poor? Then the Liver Cleanse add on may be appropriate for you. The Liver Cleanse program supports phase I & II liver detoxification pathways , enhances the elimination of xenobiotics via increasing glutathione production. It contains a range of ingredients capable of binding toxins and supporting antioxidant production. The program has a range of nutrients such as Milk Thistle, NAC, Globe artichoke, Coriander and Zinc which have all been proven to aid and support detoxification.

COST: $490