Does the thought of a trip to the beach and the upcoming summer season make you feel free, fit and healthy or does it cause you to want to run away and hide?  With Spring well and truly underway, now is the time to be thinking about shedding your winter coat and refreshing from the inside out. Keep reading for some programs we are running that can help you live in a body where your eyes sparkle, your skin glows and you have a far less toxic load.

What does detox achieve?

Whilst detox programs can conjure thoughts of all life’s joys being taken from you – no sugar, no  alcohol, no dairy, (and the list goes on), it is actually the opposite.  Detoxification is a natural metabolic process where dietary and environmental toxins are processed, changed into less harmful substances and excreted from our body.  The end goal of a detoxification program is to have you feeling and looking your best with a new understanding of what nutrients are good for your body and what foods we can really live without.

Detox programs available

Our Gut Pathogen and Liver Cleanse programs are suitable for most individuals, both programs have a slightly different focus.  The Gut Pathogen program is beneficial for those of us who have persistent gut conditions; bloating, flatulence, pain, burping reflux, fluctuations in stool consistency and inconsistent evacuation.  With the use of specially formulated herbs and nutrients this program is designed to help restore balance in the digestive system, thereby restoring overall health and wellbeing.

The Liver Cleanse program is more focused for those of us who are exposed to high doses of toxic chemicals and heavy metals in their day to day lives.  With the use of specially formulated herbs and nutrients this program is designed to support the elimination of toxins via the liver and digestive system.

Carmel Elmore, our naturopath at WholeLife Pharmacy and Healthfoods West End is offering both of these programs over the coming months. They come with a full naturopathic consultation, diet and lifestyle ideas and support, complementary yoga classes and much more. If you are pregnant detox is not recommended, if you are taking numerous medications detox is possible however slight changes may need to be made to your program.  Make an appointment now and shed the winter coat, in preparation for the beautiful summer ahead.